About Project Azul Verde

At Project Azul Verde, skills and passion synergize to spark positive global change in order to advance sustainability, decrease negative environmental impacts, and build communities through responsible business, recreation, and tourism.

Imagine a vacation that improves the destination you are visiting. This is PAV’s ultimate goal: to protect the places we love to death. I’m drawn to the intersections of air, land, and water–as are millions of people who live and recreate in mountain, riparian, and coastal areas, hence the creation of Project Azul Verde.

Project Azul Verde delivers advanced sustainability consulting to clients of all needs, sizes, and funding levels by bringing efficient and accessible sustainability solutions to nonprofits, small business, public and private organizations.

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Products and Services:
Propel your sustainability story with details and substance. Used alone or in combination, these products and services complement each other to enable you to credibly advance along the sustainability journey. 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting

  • Materiality Assessments, Matrices, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4)
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Eco-Labels, Certifications, Standards

  • Excel at understanding and applying standards so that they become standard business procedures
  • Improve and complete developing standards

Sustainability Management Systems (SMS) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

  • Identify risks and opportunities, engage stakeholders, and implement action plans, while tracking and reporting progress to maintain momentum
  • Enable evolutionary change
  • Update to the ISO 14001:2015 standard for EMS

Program and Project Management

  • Train and engage teams, maximize efficiency, develop strong client relationships, secure repeat business

Resource Management

Responsible Tourism

Social Media and Websites

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