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Project Azul Verde as Expert Consultant to Leading Consulting Firm

  • Anthesis is a specialist global consultancy founded on the belief that commercial success and sustainability go hand in hand. Anthesis offers commercially-driven sustainability strategy, underpinned by technical experience and delivered by innovative collaborative teams across the world. Project Azul Verde  provides sustainability consulting to Anthesis.

Improving Sustainability at the Mountain Goat Lodge

  • The Mountain Goat Lodge provides a unique agritourism experience and leverages sustainable business operations in order to best connect guests to nature. The Lodge is continually inspired to find ways new to improve what they do, reduce resource use, and communicate their story. Through the CHAMP program, Project Azul Verde will work with the Lodge to measure and improve upon current sustainability practices, draft strategies for adding to existing efforts, and create a marketing plan to promote our work. The Cultural, Heritage/Agritourism Mentor Program, or CHAMP, exists to stimulate the development of high-quality cultural, heritage and agricultural tourism experiences for travelers in Colorado.

Blue Certified Website Re-Launched 

  • Beautiful ocean photographs invite visitors to glide through this new website. I love being able to be creative to bring important projects to life!  Blue Certified sets the standard for sustainable scuba diving.

Travel Massive Feature: Project Azul Verde Helps Communities Build Sustainability

  • Honored to be featured by Travel Massive… “Deby Stabler, travel-massive-logoOwner of Project Azul Verde and member of our Colorado Travel Massive chapter, helps spark positive global change to advance sustainability and decrease negative impacts.  Inspired? We were too, which is why we’ve asked Deby a few questions to learn more about the project.”

Skip the Straw: Business Caseplasticstraws-300x300

  • What would cause a business to shift from automatically including plastic straws in customer’s drinks?  I believe that the way we live, travel, recreate, and do business impacts our communities and environment — so I look for ways that shape, and change, our behavior.  While straws are a small fraction of a greater problem, this initiative provides both a way to start the conversation and an entry point to tackling larger sustainability issues.

Ocean Ranger Activity Station: Ocean Plastic Pollution Awareness through Artocean-ranger

  • I teach you how to engage youth and adults in this hands-on activity to increase awareness of ocean plastic pollution problems and solutions.

How Can We Protect Paradise?

  • We love to visit paradise. The beaches. The food. The people. The culture.  The diving! How we enjoy all of it can have a positive impact to ensure the places we visit thrive. Read about how sustainability and tourism go hand in hand in my story.

Why Does Sustainability Matter in Tourism?

  • For Scuba 6 Eco Diving, sustainability means teaching divers about what they will see on a dive so that they will have more fun. What does ginette_-coral_identificationsustainability mean to your business and what does it bring to your customers? Learn one way to make this critical connection in my article.

SEVENSEAS MAGAZINE features Blue Certified Article: Who You Dive With Matters

  • As part of Blue Certified’s partnership with SEVENSEAS Magazine, dive into sevenseas-logoSEVENSEAS and explore my sustainable scuba diving article. For many travelers, a spectacular dive is the highlight of a vacation. We seek a special glimpse of the underwater world as we glide among fascinating creatures and formations. The experience is exhilarating with the chance to see an eel or even a shark, awe-inspiring with amazing colors and textures, and relaxing with the whole sublime scene set to the rhythmic sounds of our own breathing…… READ MORE

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems – Consulting and Gap Assessment for Transitioning to the Updated Standard

  • I conducted an EMS Gap Assessment for a confidential client to gain competitive advantage as an environmental leader. The analysis included interviews with key stakeholders, a review of existing documentation, and site visits in order to identify and map existing environmental management policies, processes, and programs to ISO14001:2015. The outcomes of the project involved drafting an environmental policy, making recommendations for the scope and framework, and building an implementation roadmap to take the client through to successful ISO14001:2015 certification.

Sustainability Leaders Article: The Ripple Effect of the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference

  • Important synergies and connections continue to grow and spread, like a ripple
    effect. To explore this further, I’ll take you on a virtual trip around North America to explore how conferences shape our journey in this Sustainability Leaders article.

Recap: Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conferencekayak small

  • There’s much excitement as 2017 has been named the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Read about the ESTC conference in my recap.

Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference presentation: Environmental Management Systems for Sustainable Tourism 

  • EMS is often applied to sustainable tourism and development to enable evolutionary change.  I presented highlights from Denver’s EMS and the GSTC-based Blue Certified program at the International Ecotourism Society’s 2016 Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference as examples to show how Management Systems benefit all organization types and can be expanded to a Sustainability Management System.

Sustainable Travel International’s Shore Excursions Program

  • The STEP Sustainable Shore Excursions program offered by Sustainable Travel International is an internationally recognized sustainability standard designed in partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., Conservation International and the Cruise Lines International Association to enhance the sustainability of the cruise industry. Developed specifically for tour operators, attractions and other providers serving the cruise industry, this program helps ensure that shore excursion providers are operating with environmental protection, inclusion of local communities, and cultural heritage in mind. Sustainable Travel International uses internationally accepted methods to verify operators, including having an independent third party remotely confirm that appropriate evidence is provided to show a baseline set of criteria are in compliance. My value-add audits increase marketing opportunities for sustainability leaders.

Ocean First Institute Launches Blue Certified

  • The Blue Certified eco-label promotes increased knowledge, understanding, and adoption of dive operator best practices to ensure the long-term health of global marine environments and preserve the livelihood of the industry. As Program Manager, my efforts for this project include addressing priority needs, developing tools, improving materials, mentoring, marketing, recruitment, and auditing, while moving from pilot to launch phases. The goal of the program is to provide dive operators and their employees with a very clear path that leads to more efficient business practices and cost savings, all while benefiting the environment and strengthening marketing reach. The certification program centers around 30 best practices to protect and preserve the long-term viability of the communities, cultures, and environments in which we do business.

How to Make Sustainability Stickgecko-800887_1920

  • Sustainability initiatives are slippery sometimes, but you can make them stick with my tips.

5 Tips to Reduce Your Holiday Waste

  • Think outside of the box and shine.Xmas lights 2