Improving Customer Experiences – Comparative and Competitive Analysis

How does your accommodation or activity capture a potential customer’s interest as they plan vacations online? Is your experience easier to book than your competitor’s?  How are the leaders in your field approaching these issues?  Peeking at the customer perspective is valuable. There are many places to find your business listing online (Airbnb, Trip Advisor, business website,, and more) each of which have various rankings, guest reviews, commission rates, etc.

There are certain elements that tourists are looking for in the experience: to taste, touch, see, and share the culture, natural heritage, and uniqueness of your destination. And they are looking to enjoy this experience from pre-trip planning through to post-trip memories.

To help identify current strengths and potential gaps with existing strategy, Project Azul Verde can evaluate your approach in comparison to local competitors and similar providers in your specific industry. A comparative assessment will review website and product offerings while a competitive analysis will focus on differentiating strategy to provide a unique experience. My goal is to help companies improve by responsibly providing business, tourism, and recreation. Project Azul Verde offers comparative and competitive analysis for accommodations, tours/activities, environmental policy/programs, and sustainability management.

Contact Project Azul Verde to improve your customer experience:
  • Gain inspiration from industry leaders
  • Understand and learn from your competition
  • Fully communicate your complete offering to generate interest
  • Differentiate yourself by marketing what makes you unique
  • Respond to negative reviews
  • Encourage value-add purchases from pre through post trip
  • Increase direct booking
  • Take back control from Airbnb competition
  • Understand your TripAdvisor rank
  • Fill mid-week and low season lulls
  • Prioritize social media activities
  • Incorporate best practices